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Whole 30 Instant Pot Buffalo Wings

Shout out to everyone doing their first or thirteenth Whole 30. Buckle up for 24 more days of eggs for breakfast, making pints of homemade mayo and hangrily yelling at every waiter who doesn't know if the grilled chicken is cooked in soybean or olive oil. My favorite buffalo wings in Baltimore are at iBar. Hands down. Get a dozen cooked chef style (buffalo + parmesan garlic) and hard (crispy). Thank me later. For those times when I don't feel like shlepping to iBar and want to make wings at home, this Whole 30-compliant dish comes together in a half hour. Keep the quarts of oil for another Fry Day. Things wings get crispy in the broiler. Whole 30 Instant Pot Buffalo Wings Ingredients 2 lb ch

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